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What You At

by Personal Best

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released June 14, 2019

Recorded, engineered, and mixed by Tim Greaves at Southsea Sound in 2018.
Mastered by Carl Saff.
Photograph and art design by Jennifer Dovetown.

Personal Best is
Katie Gatt - Guitar / Vocals / Keyboard
El Morgan - Guitar / Vocals
Tom Baker - Bass / Piano
Jason Cavalier - Drums / Percussion
Danny Lester - Trumpet


all rights reserved



Personal Best Bristol, UK

Classic rock for tragic lesbians </3


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Track Name: Just Friends
What if these fantasies came true?
I was with you?
What if you really tried this time?
Really came through?
But you won’t
Driving home on my own
Covered in cat hair again
Again I ask myself
Are we just friends?

I ask myself
Are we just friends?
Track Name: Every Day She Kills Me
You call me and I come over
I had so much to do today
All my friends think I’m messing up
But I smile as I’m driving away

Cos I believe everything you say

Every day she kills me

It was quite the display
Losing your shit on my birthday
Should I make concessions Even though you push me away
Track Name: Baby
I’m getting better at looking after some things, like my brain
But I’m getting worse at looking after your heart
I said I’d never go, did you know that I’d change?

Did you know that I’d become more of a baby
Cos I have to say maybe, maybe I’ll go, or maybe I’ll stay
When you’re looking at me that way

I don’t think it’s better to act on a impulse all the time
Should you trust your mind when you don’t like what it’s saying?
If you’ve seen it all before, did you know that I’d change?
Did you know that I’d become more of a baby
Cos I have to say yes, when you undress, now this is a mess

You don’t call me baby any more
Track Name: Love Letter
This is a love letter, to everything that never was
To every time I didn’t hold you hand
I should have kissed you on the balcony, by the sea
But you didn’t understand, I couldn’t breathe

My body, she’s got my body, she’s got my body
You’ve got my soul

I romanticise, I idealise, I’m so stupid in love with stupid love
Are you sure that you adore me? Totally?
Because there’s never a good time to be ready
Track Name: Lucid Interval
There’s something you need to leave behind, but sometimes if gets you Do you try to let the pain abide, if the pain is what made you, you?
Did you know, it’s getting harder to love you, so fuck you
I still call you father, and I love you, I love you

You don’t own this experience
It’s inconvenient to hear this, I feel it
We all hurt in our own way, maybe I’ll tell you about it one day
I’ll tell you about it one day

Let it go, let it go because you’re dying
Now she’s on the phone crying
That’s my mother
Track Name: Near to the Wild Heart
I used to look at you and see the night sky
The more you look the more stars you can see
Every time I think of you now
I remember some new indignity

I don’t wanna love you anymore
I don’t wanna know what you did
I don’t wanna think of you two any more
On the sofa where we used to kiss

Can we still be friends, like you told me from the start?

Now you’re so near to the wild heart

I just need one more day
Not to think of you, and then I’ll be ok
Then one day will turn into two
And then there’s no more you

Maybe you should say you never loved me from the start
Now you’re so near to the wild

I’m glad I made you feel like you could feel again
I’m glad for good intentions

The saddest touch then turn back to the car
The saddest touch always got you this far
Track Name: Radio
In the car where we slept
Unkempt we take a turn, we take a step
You tongued my ear
“Is this what you wanna hear?”
Is this what you wanna hear

Radio, the radio
Wind it up and let it go
Radio, white noise on the radio

Do you think this could all end soon?

I can’t get my head out your room
Track Name: Jennifer
It takes time to do what’s right
Start taking your friends’ good advice
We don’t wanna break promises
Even when we have been forced to make them

It took time to know you are still yours
I am still mine I know this feeling won’t last forever
We’re getting through some things together

So what now?

I guess we can do anything

Jennifer, you haven’t been yourself this year
Jennifer, I’m still getting over her
For a minute there we lost ourselves, but maybe quietly

We’re just getting back to who we used to be

Where do you go at 2am
When the moon is shining in
Your bones are sore and your muscles harden
I find you pacing in the garden
Track Name: What You At
In your room, the door is always open I am always open to you
In your room, you move
Among the mess we made,
Yes this mess is ours, we’ve explicitly said it

All this talk is masturbation
Let’s dilute this situation
That’s ok as long as you keep asking me

What you at?

Can I see you today?
 What you at?

Before I go away?
You need a good woman
I’m ok at being that

In your bed, we end the day
I wanna end the day in your bed
There is a thread, it leads me back to you
Tell me, if this is not true then why does it fit when we both pull on it?

When you tell me that I’m perfect
But somehow you don’t deserve it
That’s ok just please don’t stop asking me
Track Name: One Damn Thing
I am leaf, blown about by the winds of my desire
The woman comes, she burns me up like fire
I am gone

I am crushed, my chest collapses in the palm of your hand
Look me in the eye make me cum on demand
Then say goodbye

I’m not your, I’m not your one goddamn thing

Do you both sleep at night, in the bedding that I bought you?

Does it scratch your back like I do?

Does it sting?
Track Name: Salute
Would you walk under this ladder with me?

No you won’t take the risk
So kill the feeling burn the poetry
If everything’s a sign, then nothing is

Every bird you salute
Tell me, how’s that working out for you?

Cos you never will come through
You never will come through
For me

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